Free! Dreamers ebook. Happy Birthday, Jonas!

by margaret

Jonas with a friend, South Africa, 12/1/11

Just in time for my son’s birthday on May 17th, my novel, Dreamers, is coming out as an ebook. And for a short time I’m offering it for free in honor of Jonas Goslow, my youngest son.

A book is like a child. After I had Jonas, I said, “My next child will be a book.” I knew which book too, because I’d already been working on Dreamers for years (It had another title back then.)


Dreamers is an interracial “romance” that took me over forty years to turn into a book. Why the quotes? Honestly, I hate romance novels but now I’ve written one, well, sort of. How amazing to publish it at all!  And now it’s an ebook! Who could have imagined ebooks in 1969?

December, 2011, South Africa

Jonas Calling from a South African Restaurant


Who could have imagined such a son like Jonas? Okay, I confess. This post is just one big birthday card. And the present is Dreamers, just published as an ebook. In honor of  Jonas’ birthday, May 17th! For you.

Free. For 3 days only. And it’s easy on Smashwords!

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